Eat on $2.85 a day between 19-23 September and raise money to help fight human trafficking.
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21 Million

people are currently trapped in slavery around the world.

12 Years Old

is the average age of victims trafficked into prostitution.


the majority of trafficking victims come from families who live on $2.85 or less.

How It Works

Live Below the Line challenges kiwis to eat and drink on $2.85 a day between 19-23 September to raise money to help the estimated 21 million people trapped in slavery.

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Malee's Story

“If any of the girls were sad they would often make us take drugs without our knowledge by putting ecstasy in our meals, or they would inject us with something so that we were always happy for the clients.”

I tried to not eat the meals they gave us, but then I started to get sick so I didn’t have a choice.

The clients were extremely abusive and forceful and often refused to wear condoms. One man would test the girls to see how well they would perform.

How well you did would determine where he sent you. If you got sent to a good place you could pay the debt back quicker.

I lived like this for 3 months straight and I got so depressed that I tried to commit suicide. I tried to escape but every time they would follow me on a motorbike and bring me back to the spa.

They used verbal and psychological threats and they kept my passport. They had all my information from back home, like where I lived and my family’s names so I had to do what they told me to do, otherwise they would physically intimidate me.”

Malee* was trafficked and sold to numerous brothels in Southeast Asia, where she was forced to work as prostitute.

*Name changed to protect identity

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What's the challenge?

We stand against slavery. We stand against sexual exploitation. We stand against the violation of human dignity. The challenge? Stand with us.

By eating on only $2.85 a day for five days between 19-23 September and raising money you can help stand up for the 21 Million people trapped in slavery.

The money you raise will enable Tearfund’s partners to work in the trafficking hotspot of Southeast Asia to rescue and rehabilitate victims of sexual slavery, prosecute offenders and help at-risk communities become resilient.