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Two days in and I am starting to feel the cravings! 
 As I walk out of class and across the Village Green I can smell the Sushi freshly prepared, the coffee recently ground and the curly fries...oh the curly fries! Any normal day I would have walked over to the cafe and bought myself a snack of $5 curly fries and a drink. Today, walking out of class and not being able to do that made me realise how little I usually had to think about whether or not to do that. It was only $5, so why not. Now when $5 is a third of my weekly budget it is safe to say I'm thinking a little more about those multiple trips I usually make to the cafe or sushi shop or supermarket. 

This thought also made me stop and think about how many other things in my life I take for granted, with out a milisecond of a thought to the magnitude of privlege it takes for me to be able to do those things. Here are some of the other things that have hit home a little over the past two days: 

- Having to carfully plan out my meals, and think about how much everything costs- down to the cent- is really making me question how and why I spend so  much on food when there are people out there in the world who are unable to spend even a fraction of the amount that I do. While I might incease my bedget slightly from $2.85 a day, there is certainly no need for me to be spending as much money as I was on food, when I now know that I can make a pretty filling meal for $1.65

- Having to just get up and carry on with my day like nothing is different even though my stomach is making its protests heard to the world. It is pretty hard to sit through classes, be attentive to others or pretty much have any patientce with people whatsoever, when all you can think about is if you can afford to eat the $0.33 musli bar in your bag or if you should save it for later in the day when you know you'll be hungrier... I cannot even fathom how some people do this everyday. 

- I never noticed how depended I was on my little sugar hits throughout the day! I came out of an intense two hour dance class and all I could think about was needing something sweet to pick me up and help me keep going (not about the fact that I was on my way to my supervisors meeting and that I should probably figure out what I would be talking about for the next hour). All I wanted was a little sugar hit to clear my head and help me think straight. 

- Studying is freaking hard when all you want is some food! I have been staring at my pile of readings and the stack of assignments I was meant to start tonight for what feels like hours, with absoluetly no motivation or focus to actually do any of it. 

All in all I am starting to realise how much I take having a full stomach, day after day, for granted when I can now see how much of a difference it makes to my ability to focus, motivation, and general temperment. It is hard to imagine living like this all the time. Also I could totally kill for some curly fries right about now! (note to self- don't write about curly fries while craving curly fries)

**Image: last nights dinner- Rice ($0.18), Frozen Vege ($0.23) and Chicken ($1.25)


Three days prior to the beginning of this live below the line challenge I was helping organise a Holi colour festival for the halls of residence in which I work. Other than the colour throwing, the main attraction of this event was the free food we were putting on. There was three large bowls heaped with rice, several platters with Samosa's and onion bhaji, and a massive pot of creamy rice pudding...all of which we put on for free. As I was arranging the platters and bowls, passing around the food, making sure everyone had enough to fill their bellies and stealing a bite for myself, I reflected on some of the wonderful things I have in my life; I have food on my table with enough to share, I have a roof over my head, I am able to study at a world class University and I have a family who loves me. All these things, i take for granted yes while I may be a broke student who lives off of cereal and toast most days, at least I can afford that. At least I have a full stomach, a safe place to call home and my future stretching out in front of me. 

Reflecting on this while serving up mountains of food is what inspired me to participate in the live below the line challenege, as for so many people living below the global poverty line isn't a challenge; it is a reality. 

So for the next five days I am going to be putting aside my everyday luxuries in the hope of spreading awareness and raising funds to help those living in poverty. It only takes a few of us to stand together and speak up to make a significant change for the better. Its 2018 people- be a part of the change! 

I'm doing LBL because I believe together we can make a difference

I've signed up to Live Below the Line because together, we can make a real difference against global poverty. I'm inspired by the work of Tearfund and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my five-day challenge.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about LBL, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! Together, we're helping enable vulnerable families around the world to help themselves out of poverty.

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