Mai & Dan Lander

Reflection on Sleeping Rough

On Monday night I slept in a cardboard box as part of my families effort to raise money for Live Below the Line. As I settled down to sleep in my cardboard box, admittedly in the relative safety of the St John's Theological College grounds, I was struck by a feeling of vulnerability. There was little protection between myself and the outside world. The homeless who sleep on the street are open to theft, susceptible to violence, and at risk of being removed by law enforcement or local government agencies. 

As I reflected on this feeling of vulnerability I again recognised that being poor brings about vulnerability. The women we work with in Kolkata were trafficked because of situations of vulnerability. There poverty of their family, the fact that they were women, and lack of education left them open to exploitation, violence and abuse.

This is why we are involved in Live Below the Line. Tearfund through the fundraising efforts of Live Below the Line is working to provide community run (not Western run) initiatives that empower communities and give them choices that enable them to flourish. 

Yesterday we hit our fundraising target. Today we have raised it. We have put some more money in and we would love you to get involved in being part of the empowerment story of those who are talented and gift but lack the opportunities to live into all they can be.

Grace and peace.

I'm doing LBL because I believe in the Power of Together.

I've signed up to Live Below the Line because together, we can make a real difference against global poverty. I'm inspired by the work of Tearfund and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my five-day challenge.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about LBL, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! Together, we're helping enable vulnerable families around the world to help themselves out of poverty.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rhys + Jaime Parry

Tino pai te mahi! We'd be doing it with you if we weren't Oxfam Trailwalking at the same time. Much love.


Musson Family

Go team Lander! Love you guys. Awesome effort for an awesome cause!


Sarah Henwood

Love that you guys are doing this - it's inspiring me to do again! Great cause!


Penny Harford

You’re awesome guys! Xx


The West Fam

Woohoo! Go team!


Heather Ballantyne

Well done guys for living your values. This donation is to help support people in the Philippines - a country dear to my heart.


Daniel Lander


Mai & Dan Lander


Pip Rea

Go hard guys! You are awesome.


Rose Robinson


Worship Group 3

Thanks for your help this week!


Suzanne & Ron Lander

Thanks for your Sharing from your heart about how vulnerable you felt sleeping out. Awesome to see you involve your whole family.


Cilla & Mike Brough

Better late than never! Well done, awesome effOrr, so great to raise awareness too!


Annie West

You guys are so awesome! Inspirational xx


Nyree And Cam

Awesome stuff Mai and Dan


J And A Lander

Awesome work


Hannah Martin

Love you both.



Ka mau te wehi


Ruth Asiata

Bless you


Mary Opie


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Matt And Leah

Kei te tautoko māua i tō kaupapa :)


Claire Taylor



I just love your guys hearts. X


Gillian Pawson