Jill Rice

Gonna blow my flute for charity!

Decided to pull out all stops to get over the line with my LiveBelowtheLine challenge  - I'm dusting of my flute! Gonna play a few bars of Jethro Tull for old times sake if I reach my target. Wont that be a treat? (haha).

But on a serious note, it's been interesting, the lead up to this week. This year TearFund have made the LiveBelowtheLine event coincide with Lent, the lead-up to Easter, which has never been part of my journey before. I have always carefully avoided anything "religious" in my walk with Christ because I think that for many, what starts out as a genuine encounter with the living Lord ends up being a whole program of "doings" (or worse, "not doings!") instead of simply "beings".  For others, the "Christian journey" is never MORE than a whole lot of religious actions, and I am quite sure that is exactly what Christ detested - he called the Pharisees a bunch of "white-washed tombs" afterall, which is pretty strong language. I certainly don't want to be holierthanthou on the outside if I there is no ongoing change to my heart. I think Christ intended that we simply "be in him", and in so doing, become a character in the world-changing love story he has written.

But both the act of giving something up, and the meditations TearFund have offered to support this Lent journey, have actually been quite profound for me this year. It has taken me to a new place of rest in Christ, of realising that we don't need much at all in order to be truly at peace, and of feeling responsible for sharing what I do have with those around me. I am aware of my neighbours, of those I encounter during my day, and even of the physical world around me in a new way.

I really do think the way we live and care makes a difference, both to ourselves and to the world we live in. Because we are all interconnected, and I think it is God's intention that we all take up our little part in this big beautiful relationship, in Him. It isn't possible to make much difference at all on our own, but together, wow! What a powerful force!

So thanks to those who have joined me, will join me, have supported others - we can rock this world and make it again the beautiful place it was meant to be, where everyone is free and has what they need and can be creative, and where noone is lost or hungry or afraid or alone.

I'm doing LBL because I'm absolutely nuts!

I love food! Lets face it. But I've signed up to Live Below the Line because I'm crazy enough to believe we can make a difference to global poverty. Nearly half-way to my target and I've started the challenge already in my head :). Its happening, next week.

Please help by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button, spread the word and keep supporting TearFund - those guys are awesome.

Thanks in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! Together, we're spreading hope, and helping enable vulnerable families around the world to help themselves out of poverty.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Sad not to be able to join you at your event but think it is a great thing you are doing. Every success!


Jill Rice


Hayley L'huillier

Amazing effort Jill. Sorry we can't make it to support you in person. Keep up the amazing work. You're an inspiration.


Lisa Craggs

Well done Jill!


Asha & Paul Tupouvea

You’re awesome!


Hannah Jairam

Yay Jill!