Kim and Jason Wright

The week done!

Hi guys!

Well what a journey last week was. And would you believe that it was me who got hangry and totally knackered?! 

Of course for us last week was just temporary with an end in sight. I'm not sure if I could imagine how it would be normal to wake up hungry everyday, knowing there would not be much to eat. Especially as a parent and not being able to provide your kids with the nourishment they need. 

Thanks sponsors! Even though Jason and I were a little short on our target-together Tearfund raised over $70,000 to go towards sustainable enterprise oppourtunities such as farming co operatives. 

Going forward, I think I have quite a different view on the value of food and the associated stress so many people live with who are going without.

Thanks for following our blogs! Maybe you would like to join us next year? smile


Better then it looks!

Day two almost done.

Today Jason and I were very busy and not at home much. I think this helped the day go quick and not notice the hunger feelings as much.

Lunch was lentil and pumpkin 'dahl' but it was my first ever attempt and turned into more of a thick soup! It was warming, morish and tasted alot better then it looks!

Second night of rice, beans and abit of bacon-looking forward to it again!

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors for supporting us! Some of them are local, others live throughout NZ and we even have an international sponsor! Really makes me think that we do live in a global community.

Thanks also for taking the time to read these posts smile.

Kim and Jason 

Reality setting in

Day 1 got off to an interesting start. I worked out all the dollars and cents and found we were over budget by $8. Normally not a big deal-but its alot when you only have $28.50 to start with! So we made a few cut backs-the biscuits are a sure no go!!

Made some yummy carrott and pumpkin fritters for lunch. An amazing amount of juice came out so I had that too-lovely and sweet. I roasted up the pumpkin seeds to replace Jasons nuts at work and I used the vege scarps to make a stock/broth.

This afternoon we were hungry and gladly devoured our beans and rice for dinner.

We have a busy few days ahead so feeling like we are ontop of things with having the majority of the food cooked and ready to go. The trick will be to not eat it all in the first half of the week!!


Popcorn has friends

Hi Friends and Family!

Have done a little bit of gathering for staples so popcorn has some friends! Made the most of the Pak n Sav specials (apples 99c/kg, bacon $1.99 pack, mince etc). Pumpkin from the garden and think we may have about half of it. Probably only have 1/5 of the butter and half the rice in the picture. And there are some spices and sauces, teabags and coffee not pictured here. Treats are the sour cream (for the tomato based sauce) and the caramel treats. Lucky tomorrow is Taranaki Anniversary so I can do some food prep for the week before Jason heads to work!

Normally we are quite 'frugal' but this is taking it to the next level. I guess we are lucky enough that we have access to affordable food and have the conditions and resources to grow alot of our own. 

We are half way to our goal-thank you so much sponsors!! BIG thank you to Jason as well as this week is probably going to be harder from him then me-great to have an supportive hubby like him. Hopefully he doesn't get too Hangry!!

Will let you know how things go!


Thanks again,



Hi everyone,

so its just a few days to go before Jason and I begin to Live Below the Line. I thought that I would have done alot more planning before now, but that hasn't happened!

We were given the advice (from an experienced LBLer) that pop corn is a handy, cheap snack to have on hand if/when hunger sets in-so that was naturally the first purchase.

Over the next few days I'll be doing some meal planning and shoppping so that come Monday we will have something else to eat besides popcorn!

Thanks for supporting and following us!


I'm doing LBL because I believe in the Power of Together.

I've signed up to Live Below the Line because together, we can make a real difference against global poverty. I'm inspired by the work of Tearfund and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my five-day challenge.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about LBL, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! Together, we're helping enable vulnerable families around the world to help themselves out of poverty.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kim And Jason Wright




Kathryn Barrett



Big challenge, good on you!


Anna Van Laar

Great of you guys to do this !


Lucy Sievwright

Good on you guys x


Sue & Nick Williams

Such an inspirational couple and fabulous chance to let us be apart of your amazing challenge- thank you both and God’s blessings on what you have agreed to do on his behalf... GO FOR IT


Nick & Conna Smith

Awesome work!


Kit Lee

If anyone can do it you guys can!! Good luck!


Angela & Simon

Go guys, we know you can do it... such amazing role models to your kids and us all


Fady And Joyce


Erana Savage

Amazing stuff you guys x


Hilary Blackstock

Way to go team x


Tracy Smith