Megan Shove

I'm doing LBL because I believe in the Power of Together.

I'm going to Live Below the Line because it's such a small thing for us and such a MASSIVE thing for the people all around the world that this campaign helps. 

Please do what you can to support the cause! (and also me because we're competing against other departments at work and I want to win). Here's what you can do:

1. SIGN UP NOW to Live Below the Line with me. It's gonna be a lot of lentils and love :) You'll also score yourself a free ticket to my LBL dinner party (stay tuned for details...)

2. Donate to my fundraising campaign. Pause for a sec, think about what you'd spend on a dinner out when you're too lazy to cook, and donate that to the campaign instead. I promise it'll be used well

Thank you to my Sponsors


James Jung

Go, Megan !!!


Fresh Start Ltd

You look lovely made of lentils.


Joseph & Michaela Smith

Well done Megan, inspirational!



Wish Uber eats could deliver to rotoz. Then I wouldn't miss your dinner 👌


Charlotte Turner

You’re a superstar Meg!


Zara Young

Wooo you go girl!


Sayaka Rees



Neville Shove


Rachel Mosen

Looking forward to some good old lentils


Nathan Broadbent


Michael J

Sorry I can't make it to your fundraising event Megan (got youth group). I'll be there in spirit though so here's my door fee.



Go Megan - you are awesome! :)


Eleanor Parkes

Can't have been easy. Great stuff Megan. You awesome human!


Rebekah Murphy



Go Megan! Nearly there!



Goooo Megan!


Jeanette Galway

Go change the world meg !!