Ping and Wayne


Hey everyone,

Just a final note to say thank you to everyone who donated and who gave words of encouragement. We raised more money than we thought we would.


We are back in the land of fried eggs and salmon.

Ping found the five days somewhat easy. I found them really quite hard. But food for thought.

I have seen a lot of plain salted porridge, par boiled rice and green split peas this week. I would send you the recipes but there weren't any. Just cook up, salt and eat.

Who's turn will it be next year?

Bacon and eggs.

Spent the weekend down in Taranaki at Holly and Chris' wonderful wedding. We were well fed. On the Sunday there was a big cook up breakfast. A crockpot full of scrambled eggs. Bacon until you could want no more. Coffee. Croissants. Platefuls of goodness. We were very well fed. (BTW, congrats to the couple, awesome).

Sunday night we spent with our friends in Hamilton. A dreamy March evening in the backyard, kids all playing together and a table covered in good food. I ate plate after plate.

In the morning, Dean, good sort, fried up potatoes, bacon and egg, including a double yoker to share with his beloved Debs. The kids ate with their fingers. I had to pass. It was Monday morning and the challenge had begun.

Instead, it was oats for breakfast, with a dash of peanut butter.

We drove home. The rains came. We stopped at Mercer. Below the golden arches it says in big signage "Feed the need". We stayed in the carpark and ate our rice and beans. It was delicious. Seagulls farted around. Rain drops plopped. I felt hungry. I saw two more grains of rice in my container. I ate the two grains of rice. I still felt hungry. This won't be easy.

Okay, this gonna get serious

Quick update:

1. So the actual Live Below the Line challenge kicks in on March 12. We're still in the planning stage.

2. We have already reached our fund raising goal of $1000. That is so much radness from you people. So much.

3. I have a big pile of world cook books and no time to read them.

The photo is one of our survival guides. We have worked out how much some of the nice things in our diet cost. So looks like an egg on toast can still be on the cards. And a thin slice of cheese.

The rest, as they, is rice and lentils. Welcome to the world. It's a big beautiful place full of sunrises, sweet smiles and Star Wars prequels but its also a crowded place, full of lots of people who live simply, out of necessity.

Thanks to everyone who has stepped up and helped us so far. We're keen to punch right past our goal. Happy to take more donations. Let's keep it up.

Wow, thanks.


Woooaahh. You people are fantastic. Making me feel good. Extra big thanks to Mum, brother, son, Aunty Julie and Jeremy, Jodi and Shaun and boys, Tanya, Ryan, Barry, James, Jacquie and the Herrick crew. Those early donations were generous and much appreciated.

We are underway. In fact we're sitting high on the leaderboard. Not that its a competition. Everyone's rowing the lovely Below the Line waka in the same direction. 

But I do enjoy a bit of gamification. Thanks organisers. You're making it fun. 

Now we'll have to figure out what to eat before the actual week of lean eating rolls around. My mother is concerned for my health. I'll be fine Mum! Love you!

Suggestions welcomed. I have also ordered a stash of library books with recipes from wonderful corners of the world.

I'll need to start pricing up some things too. Don't worry, I will steer clear of spreadsheets but I do wonder if I can sneak the odd egg or dash of peanut butter into the daily budget.

More soon. Keep up the good vibes people.


Ping and Wayne are getting ready to live below the line. GIVE MONEY. HAVE A LAUGH. THINK OF OTHERS. GIVE MONEY. PLEASE THANK YOU.


We decided to start with an emoticon. Oh, and a chicken.

Why the chook? Why the emoticon? And why have Ping and Wayne encouraged me to give money to something via this website.

Let's reverse engineer your questions.

The something is people living in extreme poverty, who stand to be given a helping hand by Tear Funds projects around the world. Extreme poverty is a heavy phrase. But, yes, we believe whole heartedly that helping out others gives them a foundation to keep helping themselves and their children to thrive.

So please if you have a few spare bucks, cough em up. Did you know that 73 per cent of Ping and Wayne's friends have already given to this cause?*

The emoticon with which why we started was because we want to have fun doing this, we want you to feel happy helping people and we want those people to have more reasons to smile in the future.

And the chook? Ah, chickens always make for a funny photo. And chickens are a symbol of how you can make a simple yet powerful step towards helping others.**

Love, aroha and mung beans,


Wayne and Ping

*Statistic is fictional only and intended to motivate you to give.

**Though if you google Bill Gates Chickens you will find that literally giving chickens is up for debate. I digress. Please give money.

***There was no third asterix but congrats for reaching the bottom of this blog post.

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Loris Erb


Mary Ann J


Julie Sim

Nice chicken!



Hi Ping and Wayne, I LOVE what you're doing to help the community. Here's a small donation - use it for whatever you need the most for your cause. May God bless you both always! Love and prayers, Janice and Peter


Mum And Dad


Jenny Klosser

Yay! Great stuff you guys. I wish you the best with the planning and eating. I was not hungry on LBL, but experienced some monotony... that should be better with two! Hopefully you're not harvesting your pampered watermelon that week; it would definitely blow the budget ;)


Aaron Erb


G, Matt & Felix

Woohoo enjoy the beans and rice...


Geraldie Crudge


Aj Shaw

Interested to see how you guys find this since I know you'll be trying to both stay within budget and eat nutritious food. Such a challenge for many families when it's often the rubbish food that is cheaper. Good luck!


Jodi Davidson

Well done guys! Look forward to your updates xx Jodi, Shaun, Luke, James & Sam 😀🐔


Dave Palmer


Libby Giddey

Great cause - good luck!


Tanya Waisbrod

What Shi Ming says. Xx


Barry Larsen

Good luck guys! Love B


Ryan Barron

Good luck guys, enjoy the lentil action!


Jeremy Lim

You guys are in the top 5!



A Kuan Hai diet for a week????



You guys are an inspiration!


Miriam Walker

Is your sister charging you for those eggs?


The Sykes-dordays

Can’t wait to hear all about it - good luck!


Karen And Gavin Brewer


Gin Barker

Love you guys! Good work xx


Holly Reardon

You have made me stop and think a bit and put a bit more in the Food Bank bin. Good luck.


Herrick Family


Jacquie B


Garden Friends




Susannah Bailey

Thanks for being rad! Enjoy the lentils! Hugs xoxo


Mel T

Go Ping and Wayne! Kia kaha!


Emily Greenbank

Good stuff guys xx


Toni Randle Keegan

Awesome awesomeness guys. Love it.


James Marijetich


Shi Ming

Dear Mummy and Daddy, I hope you have a nice time when you are fasting.