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I just want to say a very big THANK YOU  to all the sponsors and supporters during the Live Below the Line challenge. I'm so grateful for your generosity, we smashed the target and raised money for some very worthwhile projects. Thanks Fiona, Annette, Janette, Fraser and Ian for getting us over the line. 

This challenge is a confronting one because it forces you to think about what life is like when the ability to choose is taken away from you. It hurts me that so many people live in situations of poverty, hunger and despair. I really thank you for giving to this challenge and this

Friday - Day Five

Challenge complete. A very big thank you to Gil, and Wendi & Adam for their donations, so nice to finish on a high. Really grateful, thank you. 

Bit tired and teary right now. Happy to have completed it (lunch was rice & tuna, afternoon tea was an apple, and dinner was a kiwifruit), but sad that so many people in the world live with so little. Love & hugs.

Thursday - Day Four

Apple and boiled egg for lunch again. The scales tell me I have lost 2.4kg in 3 days, which is extreme. Of course I have it to lose and will probably put it back on when the challenge is over, but so many of the 700m plus people living below the poverty line are severely malnourished and it breaks my heart. I really hope we get the 100k target. 

Wednesday - Day Three

Over halfway there. Apple and boiled egg for breakfast/lunch (72c) meant there was enough for rice and tuna for dinner. ($1.88). Really hoping we meet the target of 100k.

Tuesday - Day Two

It was quiz tonight - really difficult to sit in a bar for three hours with food all around you and only able to drink water but I did it! 

Egg sandwich for lunch, apple, banana and a boiled egg for dinner = $1.65 for the day. Hanging in there! :-)


Thank you Larry, Dave, Frances, Emma, Louise, Chris and Mel for smashing the original $250 target, by day One. 

Have to have some goals to get through to Friday so have reset the target to $500 :-) 

Monday - Day One

One down, four to go. Thank you to all my sponsors, I am overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you to Dave, and to my amazing colleagues, Frances, Louise, Emma, Chris and Mel. Those donations have really given me a boost. 

Dinner was 80c of plain mashed potato, easily the most filling thing of the day. Total for the day was $2.45. Still a bit hungry but I can't complain, knowing this is a choice and in four days things go back to normal for me. Not everyone in the world has that choice. Feeling immensely grateful - thanks everyone xxx


Thursday night...just three nights to go really until the challenge begins on Monday. 

This is my third time doing this challenge and it makes me extremely grateful for the choices and opportunities I've been given. 

I hope we can raise tonnes of money for projects to support and empower people who live below the poverty line and for whom life is a daily struggle. 

Sending love and hugs to all the participsnts, sponsors and supporters and a very big thank you to Larry for his very generous donation.

I'm doing LBL because I believe in the Power of Together.

I've signed up to Live Below the Line because together, we can make a real difference against global poverty. I'm inspired by the work of Tearfund and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my five-day challenge.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about LBL, the greater the impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! Together, we're helping enable vulnerable families around the world to help themselves out of poverty.

Thank you to my Sponsors



The Lord bless you as you help the poor


Fiona Michel

You're awesome! #manaaki


Wendi & Adam Nicoll


Louise Bull



Awesome effort.


Frances Anderson

Good on YOU!


Fraser & Ian


Gil Sewell

Well done Shelley, I feel humbled.


Emma Bassett

Love that you're doing this. I'd rather eat my own foot than try to survive on $2.85 of food for even one meal! Go you.



Good work Shelley


Mel Russek


Shell S


Chris Hutton


Annette Hamilton

Awesome thing you're doing Shelley! Good luck with your goal!