Sophie McKellar

Live below the Line day 2

I'm very grateful for quite a few things this week! 

1.) The vege markets in Wellington!!

2.) The 1/2 price sale on lentils at Spice Emporium in Kilbirnie

3.) A great team to share in this challenge with

4.) But mostly I'm grateful for the generous donations from around the country (and the world) that have come in for the team!

It turns out that in our part of the world is possible to eat a balanced meal on $2.85 for a day but it's definitely not easy. While I'm only in this for 5 days, it's a small window into a world where portions are smaller with the saying "once it's gone, it's gone" taking on a whole new meaning. In that world, a spontaneous coffee, chocolate or ice cream isn't an option.

Quite a lot of planning and calculating that has gone into this week to come out with a meal plan that definitely seemed inspiring on Monday but I think that may no longer be the case by the time I get to Friday....

Thank you again to all of the people who have donated towards the team! Planning is well underway for the lentilicous fundraising meal coming up on Thursday!

Daily Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Porridge consisting of oats,  a sprinkle of milk powder and 1/2 banana ($0.59 per day)

Lunch: Pasta with bean/tomato/carrot mix ($0.80 per day)

Dinner: Group meal: Monday (Courtney): Pasta with vege and tomato sauce

                               Tuesday (Clare): Rice with a chickpea tomato sauce

                               Wednesday (Ella): Suprise...

                               Thursday (Sophie): Rice with Lentils and flatbread                                                                        ($1.00 per day)

Snack: Apple ($0.38 per day)

Daily Total: ($2.77)


Live Below the Line

I'm going to be living on a food budget of $2.85 per day for 5 days! It will be difficult but I'm in it with an awesome team and hoping to raise some money for this great cause at the same time.

It can be so easy to get caught up in our own lives and problems, forgetting about the massive challenges people are facing all over the world. People in poverty not only have fewer resources but also limited opportunities and that is a cycle that around 3 billion people are caught in. To support what Tearfund are doing you can press the 'donate' button on this page or even consider signing up for Live Below the Line yourself!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Catherine Mckellar

Well done, rice and Dahl so yummy! 😊



Good on Ya <3


Stephanie And The Legohunters

Because you guys have the greatest blog! Love the puns! From another LBTLer




Lochiel Mckellar




Lucy Pringle


Brittany Meiklejohn

Good Luck :D you guys are doing great so far!


Alana Greene

love your work Sophie!! proud of u xx


Kelly Pringle

Sophie, hope you remember me from Tramping club last year! YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD and I am SO glad I can help you out, might even take up this challenge myself. Thank you chicka :)



Excited to love some Lentils with ya!