Stephanie and the Legohunters

We did it!

So we've achieved our goal of eating on $2.85 per person per day this week.  We originally put $3,500 for our fundraising goal, we'll have to keep on working on that one until the end of the month!  

Day 5 The final hurdle

Most of us had small servings of potato and egg casserole for tea, with no veges. 3 of us had tablespoons of icecream, (went for the sweet rather than the healthy this time). 10 year old (aka The Hungry Caterpillar) had 5 pieces of pizza, 2 chips, 2 tiny lollies, 4 marshmallows and a grape. This is amazing for him, he often eats soooo much at parties. 7 year old also had a piece of pizza and a lolly. When the two year old forgot about her toilet training lolly reward I didn't remind her.  Oh and they brought a pile of lollies home and didn't eat any of them!

A 10 year old and a birthday party

Oh my, 9 hours to go on our LiveBelowtheLine Challenge and I've just sent our 10 yr old to a birthday party. Will he hold or cave? He has a limit of 4 pieces of pizza and only water to drink. I used to think people that did family fasting were such meanies, but I can't have all our work undone! We're gonna join the party later and try and stick to our limit. Trying to balance my high expectations of my kids with imagining if we had to tell one of the TEARFund project kids "Oh sorry, we're not gonna help you now". 



Over $1000, yes! Motivation to resist temptation

Thanks to our most recent sponsor! This morning 7 yr old opted for nothing on his toast to save money, Dad opted for only one fruit, oops but then needed muesli cos ran out of time for porridge, I was naughty and couldn't finish my porridge but then ate toast.  We have a social event tonight, need to find  out what food will be served...  Was asked by a family member if we could like swap tonight for next week?....  so my strategy at the moment is to eat as cheaply as we can today so we can eat a bit socially tonight.   Other option is to take our own.    

Day 4 Lunch goes Japanese

Day 4 out of 5 of Live Below the Line Challenge: Playgroup was great; Lara's morning tea of a biscuit, fruit and crackers added to slightly more than her share for lunch and snacks. The choc cake looked good but I resisted, had a hot cross bun, about 9c. Some of us went Japanese for lunch - miso soup n rice. If the picture looks familiar, yup, same recipe as last time we did the challenge. Really satisfies that 'umami' craving. Most of my recipes come from the "One Helping" cookbook, NZ chefs contributed to it, all recipes are 75c a serving or less. It's still available from TEARFund for about $15 I think, scroll down on the page linked below if you are interested.

Sweet or healthy? Dinner Day 3

Day 3 of Live Below the Line Challenge. Pumpkin n lentil curry. Made double last night then mistakenly counted it all yesterday, then did opposite with scones, it's quite a calculation! We have tomatoes and cucumbers in our garden, but officially you have to put a market price on them in the challenge. But was craving fresher veg. But also craving something filling and sweet, but couldn't have both. Went for the salad veg and the curry seemed to be more filling tonight anyway, a piece of watermelon for dessert was great, luckily we didn't have more because someone in the family accepted two pieces of cake this morning!

Day Three Breakfast (and Day 1, 2, 4, and 5 and most days of the year for me!)

Porridge, porridge, porridge, it's what bwings us togeva.... That's how we do breakfast. It costs about 15c per person with a teaspoon of brown sugar or yoghurt. If we're still hungry we'll have homemade bread with a thin layer of spread. We're just $1 away from the $500 mark for our Live Below the Line Challenge - who's gonna get us over that first goal?

Day Two Lunch and thoughts

Down to the webcam on the computer today as my cellphone mistakenly went to work with my husband for the day!  Great for us that I have 3 ways of taking photos, when most of the world would love just to have a bit of variety for lunch.  Unfair, this rich, poor world.   

Day Two - Variety and hiccups

Decided to go for a bit of variety for lunch.  Standard fare is home made chapatis or bread, tomato, celery, cucumber and cheese, a tiny bit of relish or marg and an apple, pear, carrot or orange.  Today I thought I'd make tomato soup.  Did a bit of doubling up and cooked onions for lunch and next two dinners at once.  Woops, toast burnt since I was using the oven as our toasters' toasted and we didn't have anymore home made bread, so scraping it was. 

We achieved Day One and some!

Despite darling 7 year old forgetting and having a whole sausage and chocolate coin at Iconz club tonight, we have only spent about half of our allowance today, whew! Better go and tell my husband he can have some dessert before he falls asleep on his rumbling stomach, cos he was waiting for me to work it all out!... I wonder if the challenge works like my cellphone deal, can we 'carry over' any unused allocation to tomorrow?!

Day One Lunch turned into dinner

So we had the Roasted Carrot Soup for dinner. It didn't look like much so I added dumplings, I've been meaning to try that for years, felt like just the comfort food I needed. Onto cellphone photos until I find my camera battery charger!

Day One lunch #2

Soooo, I imagined posting a pic like the first one below of lunch at 65c.... But a nasty headcold has intervened....the carrots got as far as photo two and I had bread, jam, an egg, an apple and a nap. Hopefully yummy roasted carrot soup tomorrow. 

Day One lunch

So this is the professional pic of what I planned to make for lunch...

Day One

Morning one of Live Below the Line Challenge - Me 6.45am making chapatis, thinking: Oh well, like 200 million women probably do this every morning, surely I can do it for 5 days? 7 year old: What if a chameleon is albino, does it go white? 2 year old: Mummy, muesli please? --Aww. Didn't actually say no to that one, just served up her porridge and she didn't finish it so she must be all good.

3 hours to go!

Here's a pic showing some of what we WILL be eating this week.  All in basic ingredient form of course.  Our 'last supper' tonight consisted of sausages, beetroot, sweetcorn, zuchinni and chips, with leftover chocolate slice.   Enjoyed just sticking 'oven bake chips' in the oven when we were so tired tonight.  None of that this week, it's gonna be all 'from scratch' cooking! 

One day to go

Here's some of what we will be giving up eating and drinking this week.  Tomorrow I'll post some of what we'll be eating instead, and I'll do daily posts of what we're eating, how we're finding it and other thoughts. 

We're going without to make lasting change for others.

We're back to defend our highest fundraiser title!  This year our kids have grown, we're a little busier, and the competition looks tough, but I'm sure with your help we can do it.  Join us in fighting poverty around the world through proven development initiatives via our favourite grassroots-and-professional agency TEARFund. 

We hear stats of 767 million living below the poverty line, what can we really do?  This.  Click the donate button, thanks for your generosity and support!


Thank you to my Sponsors


Sarah & Matt Chernishov


Steve Chernishov

Hey Mike&Stephanie, Joel, Luke & Lara, Persevere! Thinking of you all. “The Lord is my high ridge, my stronghold, my deliverer. My God is my rocky summit where I take shelter, my shield, the horn that saves me, and my refuge.” Psalms 18:2 Love from Uncle Steve



Thank you!



I didn't feed Luke when he came round today. Hope he wasn't expecting the usual treats at Grandmas. Keep it up, I admire you all.


Kaylene Helliwell

Kia kaha koutou!!!!


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You and your family are inspirational . Well done.


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You guys are awesome!


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Good for yous


Starting Up The Donations!


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Well done guys !



Great Cause. Well done!!



Well done team-great way to raise money for those in need


Anthea Russell


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You're all awesome and I know this must have been super hard. Hallelujah for justice conscious kids, well done.


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'Cos we didn't quite make it ourselves!


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Ivan And Colleen Brooker

Hi Stephanie, All the best for your eating this week. Look forward to hearing from you. Colleen and Ivan




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Congratulations to the 5 of you ! 😘😘😘😘😘


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Good luck guys!


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Go well Stephanie, Mike, Joel, Luke and Lara May God bless you all. Love Uncle Stan & Auntie Helen


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Great effort you guys!


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Well done Guys!


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Go the team.


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Well done team!


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Congratulations you guys on a great effort.


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