Wei lin

Approximately 767million people live below the international poverty line (equivalent of NZ$2.85/day for food, transport, accommodation and medical care). Parents can only dream of giving their children the opportunity of a good education and hopeful future as they struggle to provide the basic needs. 

Honestly this is something I (and probably most people in my society) take for granted. Living Below The Line is about raising awareness and funds for those in need (in Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Ethiopia) as participants eat $2.85/day worth of food for 5 days. 

It won’t eliminate poverty but it might just change somebody’s world. Will you help me?

Thank you to my Sponsors



Such a great way to raise awareness Wei Lin!


Jee & Peng

Jia you!



Well done!! You are a star!



Wei-Lin, you're always a inspiration.


Janine Gardiola



great job!




Vanessa And Joe Carey

Awesome effort! What a great reminder of how blessed we are to have an abundance of food.