About the

Poverty is not only a lack of resource,
it’s also a fundamental lack of opportunity.

There is enough food produced to feed the world’s population, yet 767 million people struggle to put food on the table, living below the international poverty line of NZ $2.85 a day*. They have so few opportunities to make a living wage that sending their children to school or to the doctor is near impossible. This isn’t right. Every person deserves an opportunity to flourish. It’s difficult to climb out of poverty alone. But together, we can empower them to help each other to do that. *UN poverty statistics

Why $2.85?

We're just eating and drinking on $2.85 a day, for five days. Imagine what it would be like going about your everyday life with that amount to spend on everything.

That includes food, transport, accommodation, medical care - $2.85 for all of it. That's the reality for people who live below the extreme poverty line. $2.85 is the New Zealand equivalent of the extreme poverty line, adjusted to reflect the real cost of items here.

Where does the
money go?

The money you raise creates generational change for vulnerable families living in poverty.

Tearfund’s partners harness the Power of Together in some of the world’s poorest communities through sustainable enterprise opportunities, like Self Help Groups in India and Farming Co-operatives in the Philippines. These approaches help families to generate enough income to provide more food for their families and have access to basic education and healthcare.



These collaborative groups focus on the empowerment of women, their families and communities. Through collective savings, they are able to provide access to small loans which members can borrow to pay for children’s school fees, start businesses and afford healthcare. Members are banding together to transform their own communities in Ethiopia and India!

Communities are working together to add value to what they produce by improving their techniques in agricultural production. Through this collective approach, smallholder farmers can take their products directly to markets, and in doing so, have more say on the prices they receive. We're coordinating Farming Co-operatives in the Philippines, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Vanuatu.

Our Story

You’re part of a powerful legacy of change-makers in the fight against poverty.


Since 2010 over 80,000 people around the world have raised over $16 million to fight extreme poverty through Live Below the Line. Let’s make 2018 the biggest year yet!


New Zealander’s have raised over $450,000 for Tearfund to help fight poverty and human trafficking through Live Below the Line!


Tearfund becomes the sole charity for Live Below the Line with funds going towards the fight against human trafficking in Southeast Asia.


12 New Zealand charities band together, along with thousands of Kiwis, TV stars, artists and celebrity chefs to Live Below the Line.


New Zealand takes up the Live Below the Line Challenge, along with Canada.


The UK & USA launch Live Below the Line!


Live Below the Line launches in Australia engaging 2000 young people with the issue of extreme poverty and raises over $500,000 to end it.


2009 The idea for Live Below the Line sparks over a drink one evening in Australia, between two mates passionate about fighting poverty.