Television personality Petra Bagust has been a longtime advocate of Tearfund’s work and remains a favourite household name amongst Kiwis. Petra has enjoyed a highly successful broadcasting career spanning more than 20 years, hosting a range of well-known television series, radio shows and live events. 

“I’m choosing to Live Below the Line because everyone deserves a chance to feel full, to feel loved, to feel supported and to feel hope. Let’s bring change to some of the world’s poorest communities.”


NZ actor, humanitarian and self-confessed coffee lover Ido Drent has been on the LBL scene for a few years now. This March, he’s back at it! The father-of-two has visited Tearfund’s projects overseas and seen with his own eyes what a difference our giving can make in the lives of those who need it most.  

“I’m choosing to Live Below the Line because I want to do my bit to help bring hope, freedom and justice.”


Introducing Michael Meredith— co-founder of Eat My Lunch initiative, father to four beautiful kids and former head of Meredith’s Restaurant. The passionate Kiwi chef is known for his generosity, and we’re stoked to have him on board as an LBL 2018 ambassador. 

“I’m choosing to Live Below the Line because as a human being and a father it is hard to fathom what 767 million people, half of whom are children, go through on a daily basis. Taking this challenge for one working week is no comparison and I would never want my children or anyone to live this way, but it serves as a reminder and brings awareness of how fortunate we are to have an abundance of choices while many go without. It's only for five days so I will have an end but for those who are affected it's sadly a lifetime. Please join me to bring a wider awareness so we can work together to offer services that provide safe and nutritional food to those who are truly living below the line daily".


Niki Bezzant is a food and nutrition writer, editor and speaker in NZ. From fulfilling her editor-at-large role for Healthy Food Guide to sewing her own vintage dresses just for fun, Niki’s always got something creative on the go.

“I’m choosing to Live Below the Line because food insecurity is a huge issue globally. It is appalling that we live in a world with the contrasting problems of obesity and malnutrition co-existing; if I can draw attention to that in a small way, it feels like a good thing.”


She’s a well-known Kiwi actress, cirque performer and co-founder of circus theatre company The Dust Palace. Eve took part in LBL in 2015, and she’s signed up to participate again this March with the added challenge of balancing a demanding training schedule with eating on less than $2.85 a day for five days. 

“I’m choosing to Live Below the Line because it’s important to be vocal about what we need to change in the world. Here in Aotearoa many of us experience incredible privilege compared to those living on less than $2.85 a day. It’s important to remember we’re not the only ones living on this planet, and that when we band together, we have incredible power to create change for our friends across oceans."


Since winning New Zealand’s first ever MasterChef, Brett McGregor has been making waves in the food industry. Now a consulting chef at Auckland Airport’s Strata Lounge, he also finds time to film Taste of a Traveller, hang out with his family and work on exciting new projects. 

“The only way you can ever really realise the complexities of life for some people is to try and live in their shoes for a time. That’s why I’ll be taking up the Live Below the Line challenge this March.”