This is our Together

Meet some of the changemakers you're teaming up with through Live Below the Line. Sign up here to join our Together.

Dan Lander- Dad- NZ

Meet father of three, Dan. Having lived in Kolkata for five-and-a-half years working for a social enterprise, Dan witnessed first-hand the positive change that can occur in people’s lives when they’re presented with opportunities that expand their freedom and agency. His family is seeking to live in solidarity with those living on the margins through LBL, to learn from them, and be part of social transformation.

As a parent, I love my kids and want them to grow up to do things that bring them joy and fulfilment. I can’t imagine what it must be like for parents to see their kids' potential be hindered from becoming all they can be, likely because of things outside of their control. LBL is excellent because it aims to create sustainable opportunities that enable families to flourish.”

Dan’s also living with a group from St John’s Theological College in a makeshift “slum community” for LBL week. Support them here!

Madhavi Naik - Mum - India

Meet Madhavi, a single mum who used to fear for her children’s future. After her husband died in a car accident seven years ago, there was a lot of financial loss for her family. She became depressed and couldn’t sleep. Madhavi explains how it felt as if life was getting slowly sapped out of her. Until she joined a Self Help Group.

“Through the Self Help Group, I started my own garment design business so I could save and provide for my children. Now both of them are finishing their University courses. I believe they will have a bright future. It was the opportunity to join a Self Help Group that has changed our lives.”

The Phillips Family - Farmers - NZ

Meet the Phillip’s family, they’re just your ordinary Kiwi family. Desiring to live ethically & responsibly, they’re signing up to Live Below the Line for their kids to be aware of their privilege in the hope other families will be inspired to give it a go too. Mum Rachael tells us their kids’ favourite food is currently plain boiled rice, but they’ll see if that’s still the case at the end of challenge week!

“It’s a bit of a jump but if we view the world as a community then we are all neighbours. They don't need us to fix their problems, but we can be supportive and pitch in and help if and where needed. Just as if they were 'over the back fence' or 'up the road'."

You can sign up and join the challenge like the Phillips family here.

Turkhuu, Hoiga & Altaa - Farming Co-operative Staff - Mongolia

Meet Turkhuu (on the right), director of our local Farming Co-operatives partner in Mongolia! His organisation works with poor nomadic herder families in rural areas of Mongolia, helping them to become successful veggie growers so they can generate sustainable incomes all year round, through frost and drought.

“I love this work because I want to see my country flourish, I want to see our mind-sets changed so the most vulnerable communities can be transformed to control their futures. Some people say it's impossible, but I believe we must make a start.”

Katie Keir - Young Adult- NZ

A Live Below the Line veteran, meet Katie, who’s signed on to take up the challenge for the fourth time. This year LBL falls on her birthday week. But get this! While it might make the five days more challenging, she’s using it as an opportunity to fundraise, asking friends and family to donate to her LBL campaign instead of buying her gifts!

“I'm taking part in the LBL Challenge this year because I play my small part in making a big difference in our world. It’s easy to feel insignificant amid the many issues facing society today. We can't fight injustice alone but there is power in working together to create change."

You can donate to support Katie's challenge here.

Gina Abayan - Farmer - Philippines

Mum of seven and cassava chip business co-owner, meet Gina. Together, with six local women, she makes delicious chips from scratch- growing the produce, mixing the ingredients, and deep-frying them (twice for extra crunch!) to make an alternative source of income for her family.

“We formed the Farming Co-operative because we wanted to be able to save to provide for our family’s needs. Before we used to be ashamed of being poor, we’d stay at home and wouldn’t talk much, but our business has given us purpose. My children often tell me I am much happier now.”

Carl Worthington - Chef & Entrepreneur - NZ

Meet chef and co-owner of local favourite Milk & Honey cafe, Carl. He’s literally serving up change for Live Below the Line in Whangarei! Having gone through the challenge before and surviving (just!), this time he wanted to switch it up and host a "Dine Below the Line" café event. With live music from Aro and a delicious selection of food costing $2.85 or less per person, the community fundraiser on March 15th has SOLD OUT!

“I was shocked how little food 767 million people have each day. We are forerunners in empowering the poor and helping individuals & communities break generational cycles of poverty. It’s cool that food not only nourishes people but can also provide much needed income to empower them as well.”

You can donate to support Live Below the Line directly here.